FREE has always been about raising awareness in our community on human trafficking.  We’ve done this through education and prevention work.  But from early on we’ve known our county desperately needs services available to the victims coming out of trafficking.  When asked over and over again how often we see victims coming out of trafficking in our area, we often respond, not often, “What’s there for them to come out to?”  So we’ve been praying that these services would become available, and these victims would be given the chance to be healed and restored.  From victims to survivors!!

As we’ve been meeting for our monthly coalition meetings, along with other professionals in our community, it became all the more clear as we heard it said continually, “There’s no where for these victims to go,” that it was time for a home to open in this area to serve the very specific needs of trafficking victims.

This leads us to our first big fundraiser!

FREE will be partnering with Unchained for an invitation-only event, and all funds raised at this event will go directly toward FREE opening up the first restoration home in Berks County for victims coming out of sex trafficking.

This event will be in September at the Neag Planetarium at the Reading Public Museum, and again, it’s invitation only.  Unchained will be showing their fashion show through film.  You can learn more about Unchained and what this awesome organization does to raise awareness about human trafficking here:

We will have a film showing, followed by dinner.  The goal is to have this event fully funded before we get there that evening.  That way all the funds raised that evening will go directly toward FREE opening this home.  Something we’ve always said at FREE is, “Together we can make a difference.”  We truly believe that.  Human trafficking work is not for one organization, or two or 50.  It’s the work of everyone.  It’s the work of communities and people coming together and saying we will not tolerate this in our neighborhoods.  It’s communities and people coming together and rallying alongside the victims and letting them know they are valued, they are worthy, and they are loved.  It’s coming alongside the victims, looking them in the eye, and saying, “We see you!  We believe in you.  And we know Jesus can heal, restore and redeem your life!”

Our prayer is that our community will come alongside of us as well, as our efforts are now being put toward opening this home.  So my question to you would be, how can you help us in opening this home for these beautiful women?  What piece of the puzzle do you hold?  From sponsoring a table for $600, to being a table host that night, from any financial donation you feel led to make, to any resource or service you feel led to provide, we are beyond grateful.  If you can help make connections for us, help us with food donations, or even just share this news with others you believe have a heart to see this home open in Berks County, we are grateful.

If you’d like to hear more about this event, the home we are opening, or would like to talk about ways you can help us, please reach out to us.  You can email  We even have a “donate” page right here on our website where you can make a secure donation to us through Pay Pal.

We thank you in advance for you’re support, donations and help in this endeavor. Together we can make a difference!!


The FREE Team